Events & Lectures

Our event calendar is filled with a bunch of online and physical events. Among other things, you have the chance to listen and ask questions during the day about Walkfeeling, Runfeeling and
various topics that are related to movement and finding the
source to limitations, pain, ache and stress.

We regularly organize different types of lectures, workshops, and happenings in our Movement Center in Mölndal, Sweden or online. Many of them are completely free.

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  • Date

    Various Dates Available

  • Place

    Online and In Person

  • Category

    Gait Analysis, Motion Analysis, Movement Analysis, Online, Workshop

  • Coach

    All Subject to Availability

Another great way to learn more about Walkfeeling and Runfeeling and our passionate movement coaches is to listen to our podcast.

Walkfeeling Podcast | Episode 37 | The Art of listening

The founder of Walkfeeling, Murdo Mackay, shares his views on the experience of listening with the heart and how it feels to be listened to.

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Walkfeeling Podcast | Episode 36 | Better circulation & less pain

Murdo Mackay, the founder of Walkfeeling, talks about how pain gives us signals, but also how we can live a healthier and free life.

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Walkfeeling Podcast | Episode 35 | Runfeeling Coach

Runfeeling needs more coaches and in this section you will hear Murdo Mackay, founder of Runfeeling, tell you more about what it means to be a Runfeeling Movement Coach.

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