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Movement Coaching Training Diploma

We have developed two powerful Diploma’s that trains you in the field of movement coaching and training. These courses aim to provide you with the foundation and skills to become a confident physical coach in movement training.

“The training as a Movement Coach has given me tools that my clients can use between my treatments. By becoming aware and understanding their own movement patterns when they walk, they themselves can reduce their pain and their improve their overall health, wellbeing and happiness. ”

Movement Coach in Walkfeeling®

Qualify as a Movement Coach
SEK 31,995 +VAT
  • How to understand unique movement
  • How to identify correct movement
  • The positive effects of correct movements
  • How to identify negative triggers on the body caused by stress, tension, and muscles
  • How to analyse basic movements
  • How to identify harmful movement patterns
  • Learn effective listening for coaching
  • Study core skills for teaching and learning
  • Learn basic anatomy and biomechanics
  • Study society and culture from a historical perspective

Movement Coach in Walkfeeling®

Qualify as a Movement Coach
SEK 31,995 +VAT
  • Study the relationship between tension and stress
  • Learn the key differences between walking and running
  • Study the principles of a correct running line
  • Analyse movement patterns and their effect on the body
  • Learn key exercises for strength in movement
  • Learn how to communicate effectively with clients
  • Learn how to engage in active listening
  • Study basic anatomy from a movement perspective

Course Entry Requirements

Do you have a desire to really help people? To wake up in the morning knowing you have the tools to find the source of pain, aches, tension, stress and limitations and
coach people finding what they thought they had lost? There are no entry requirements, and no prior knowledge is necessary to enrol.

Committed Therapists, Physios and Personal Trainers

A unique opportunity to add on to your business a post education in movement. What clients do with their body in-between treatments or training can be up to 14 hours/day and what would it be worth to come out from the treatment room and have some movement yourself?

Employment Options

Once you have completed the Walkfeeling or Run feeling movement coach diploma and have passed the training you will have two different opportunities.

Work as a self-employed movement coach

Work as a self-employed movement coach

Join the Walkfeeling / Runfeeling movement team and apply to become a coach

Join the Walkfeeling / Runfeeling movement team and apply to become a coach

Registration Information

Submit your information and indicate which Diploma you are applying for. We will contact you for further information. Prior to our training as a Movement Coach, there is a face-to-face interview process before you can be accepted.

As a member of Walkfeeling you will pledge to our core values:

  • We accept that you are totally unique
  • We will focus on what you do well and then on what can be improved
  • We will always listen, not just hear
  • We will always share, never tell
  • We will always use simplicity as a foundation of any conversation
  • Our priority is YOU and YOUR enjoyment of whatever YOU experience