The walking scotsman

The walking scotsman

Murdo Mackay, co-founder of Walkfeeling® and Runfeeling®

Every step we take could be important. Neil Armstrong’s first onto the surface of the moon or Nelson Mandela’s as he took his first to freedom and away from his long captivity. One famous american president, when asked – ”Why he walked slowly?” responded ”I may walk slowly but I never walk backwards.”

Movement, for most of us, is an integral part of our daily life. When we move in a more efficient way, could this avoid the accumulation of a lot of pains, aches and problems that many people experience? Moving in unison with your body has a great many positive aspects to it, irrespective of age.

Testimonials from private sessions with Murdo
These are some of the 200 plus testimonials that have been given.

After our first conversation I realized that Murdo was talking to me on a different level; promoting me to look at my life with a different set of eyes. The past 3 months have been amazing. Discovering myself again has been so much fun. Looking after me, and what I need to be able to perform my best at any given moment. A sense of freedom.

But it wasn’t easy, Murdo has an amazing bullshit detector and is able to decipher language to find out exactly i have felt or whether I’m hiding something at any given time. So habits have been broken and replaced for healthier options. He has been a blessing to me.

Our friendship is relatively new, but the journey I am on with him has already changed my life for the better. I can’t wait to continue learning and growing alongside him. For the first time in my golfing career, I feel like I have a team around me. And a bloody good one at that!

LF – Professional golfer

“Murdo possesses the ability to quickly find the keys to success by starting from the uniquness of each individual. He fine-tunes mental and physical imbalances in the body through simple messages and harmonic exercises. The result is fascinating and quickly creates motivation to continue on ones own at higher altitudes.”


Murdo’s ability to see where each individual are is absolutely phenomenal. The coaching with Murdo have changed my life. I have learned to believe in myself, take responsibility for my life instead of blaming others, confront situations that feel uncomfortable, listen to my body and listen to others, for real! Murdo doesnt just change people, he changes lives and in most humble and unselfish way! I am so greatful. Thanks for everything Murdo.


I appreciate Murdo’s simple and straight forward approach. There is no where to hide if you want to make real changes to your life. Murdo points out were you are, mentally as well as physically, and guides you forward in a very concise way. I highly recommend you to spend some time with Murdo, you won’t regret it!


For 25 years I slept 4-5 hours per night. I thougth that was normality for me. Sessions with Murdo restulted in me sleeping 8 hours every night. Headache is gone, also my tensions in the neck and shoulders. I’m so greatful.


I have been a prisoner in my own body. Now I’m free, the tension have started to melt and I can feel that it also affects mentally in a very positive way. I have realised that it’s not important to perform and I actually think that this is gonna affect my relationship with partners and others. Now it’s a joy to move instead of pain and heaviness.


Thank you! Amazing how positive it feels with the new small adjustments. You are outstanding.


Testimonials from Murdo’s work within Walkfeeling Academy

”Murdo’s unique way of attentively seeing / feeling what the participants in the group need. The ability to change, redo, everything must be discovered or revealed during the course. It has been educational, inspiring, fun, rewarding and extremely useful.”

I found it a true gift be able to spend these days with Murdo and all of you. It´s an unforgettable experience and yet almost indescribable… Murdo sees everybody´s potential in a way that makes it impossible not to start to see it for yourself… and for that I think we all are forever grateful! I´m impressed that Murdo has so high energy and engagement over the days! Big hug och thank you Murdo for these days! MB
”The power of me is amazing! Sharing what we belive, its so powerful and really something I haven’t done much of before.
It´s helpful for med as a person. My belief in myself and that I’m not so hard on myself anymore. Less fear of reaching out and asking for help.” DE
”Murdo has a unique ability to challenge us all in the way we need/are ready of at the time. It feels like this gives us the best platform to grow into ourselves (be more ourselves) because we can do it on our own terms – as individuals He sees that and adapts to that. He is unique. He should believe that! I feel more free and more like me.” CG
”Always very learning! To speak about my shortcomings that stops me in moving forward in my life. That made it easier for me, suddenly it wasn’t so complicated. I have became calmer, in my whole. Im more aware of my body and just to let it be – that will enhance my body to do what its made for. To experience the total freedom in movement is amazing! Appreciate the sharing of testimonials.” PF
”The time with Murdo – GREAT! So much learning during these 3 days! Made my mind freer! Enjoyed to be listened to for 5 minutes! And also learned a lot regarding the coaching.” SA

”I have gained a deeper faith in myself. Self-confidence has become even greater. My body is my temple and it deserves to be treated with respect! Thank you Murdo for these insights.”

”Murdo’s way of looking at things. I always get myself a thinker when I listen to him. He has an incredible ability to lift others, make others believe a little more in themself. He has a genuine presence.”

”Murdo’s unique way of attentively seeing and feeling what the participants in the group need. The ability to change, redo, as needs are discovered or emerged during the course. It has been educational, inspiring, fun, rewarding and extremely useful.”

”Murdo sees where the challenge and development is needed and the extent to which the individual can meet the challenge. His ability to see human challenges is unique.”

”So much development, both individually and also in, and thanks to the interaction as a group. Being seen, listened to, challenged, appreciated through conversations, exercises and reflections gives fantastic insights and experiences. Big thanks! Murdo and you others are amazing! ”

”I like the new concept – The body as a team and Movement 6. At least it makes my explanation easier and the exercises are good. everyone on the course is nice people! ”

”Murdo is good at knowing the group’s needs and adapting exercises as well as how he converses with the group. He is the world’s best at group dynamics! I have gained greater insight into being in the present and following the other person in the coach process.”

”How he turns on words so that the meaning makes one think in a completely different way. New perspectives. That words can have such a big impact, that the voice has such a big impact that insight struck me so emotionally. Murdo, with that competence he can ”punch holes” on many. ”

”This educational weekend has helped me to trust the simple. In the past I have had a hard time keeping it simple because of the conditions I created myself. Through Murdo’s simple way of conveying information, sharing life stories and his feelings, he has helped me that I can keep it simple, and that the simple is powerful !!! ”

”That feeling for three days changes from being insecure to Movement train and that the value of myself has no meaning – has gone to being confident, believing in myself and feeling that my role as a Movement Coach has an impact on other people and their health through simple means. It is a feeling of being ”pricless”. My self-confidence and my belief in myself is what I take with me as well. I am unique and allow myself to be unique. ”

”A lot of laughs! Self-time with Murdo! Good to ask questions directly to Murdo. He offers himself, is humble and accommodating. Seeing things that I have a hard time putting words to myself.”

Testimonials from Murdo’s live presentations

”With his authenticity and empathy, Murdo is a joy to listen to. Extremely inspiring to hear as the audience the most obvious things in life that he imparts with his Scottish accent.” – AG

”After learning about Murdo’s dedicated and personal lectures, I have been thinking about my priorities, and what is really important in life.” Take the motto with me ”Listen to your body as it whispers and you won’t hear it scream” – CJ

”Inspiring and educational to attend Walkfeelings lecture. What is it that affects your body how it feels is one of several interesting questions asked” – RH

”Thanks Murdo and thank you Tommy for giving me the opportunity to be a little wiser.” – CJ

”An inspiring man who shares his unique knowledge with genuine joy for those he meets” – JM

”Murdo has an absolutely amazing ability to feel and see people! His warmth and wisdom reach out to everyone in a unique way and each meeting is both inspiring and deeply moving.” – GS

”It was the first time I listened ’live’ to Murdo. He is incredibly present and energetically weaves his own experiences with questions to us in the audience. It’s not really a lecture, at least not one you are used to. This is more of a journey through the body, where Murdo repeatedly makes one feel unique.

I felt that I became more aware of how I sat, how I felt in my body, and how I breathed during the lecture. Murdo openly and honestly shares his story and his experiences about how after many years he finally became friends with his body and about the joy of moving freely. We also got to know about moving client meetings where people’s lives changed completely through a focus on mobility and a current approach.

A warm thank you to Murdo and Walkfeeling for this inspiring and eye-opening meeting! ” – MP

”He is Using the body to get in Touch with well being with in, without need to share your inner World of truth and emotions. He has the ability to which Reach in and touch the heart of his audience. With using his empiric life story. He didn`t listen to what his body told him when it whisper there for i had to face when it was screaming or even beyond.

Fascinated to listen to man how was dead two Times But recovered by Statting to listen to the rich wisdom that the body tells us and using Walkfeeling as a way to make this come a live in more and more people. And the best part is that this is for everyone because you can feel the authenticity and love and care for making a difference for us in this stimuli chaotic world we are living in today. I Can warmly recommend Walkfeeling and Murdo.”


”Very well invested time to have the opportunity to listen to Murdo who, with his empathy and warmth, manages to awaken many thoughts and feelings that I will use greatly in my everyday life to feel good in the body.”


Private sessions with Murdo

Business – Life – Movement – Mental health

  • One 2 one – 1 hour
    Online or live session
  • One 2 one – 10 hours
    Online or live session
  • One 2 one – 3 days
    In Sweden or Spain
  • Mentor program
    6 to 12 months

All sessions with Murdo are held in English.

Offers to companies

Business – Life – Movement – Mental health

  • Live presentation
    Connection between mental health, body and stress
  • Program
    Tailor made program that suits your company

All presentations and programs with Murdo are held in English.

Stress and movement (English)

How can you lower your stress through your everyday movement? And what movement patters should you avoid to not get stressed? What’s the connection between the psychological and the physiological parts of stress?

An interview with Murdo Mackay about the relation between stress and movement.

Stress och rörelse (Swedish)

Vad i ditt rörelsemönster skapar stress? Vad kan du göra för att motverka stress med ditt rörelsemönster? Hur manifesterar sig stress i kroppen? Vad är kopplingen mellan stress och rörelse?

En intervju med Murdo Mackay om både psykologisk och fysiologisk stress – och kopplingen mellan de båda.

The walking scotsman

About the episode

”By working with our own, unique movement pattern, we have the possibility to access more potential and experience greater freedom in the body.”

The co-founder of Walkfeeling, Murdo Mackay, talks to Wivan-Kristina Sandberg about her discoveries that the way we move can affect how we feel to a greater extent than many of us have so far understood.

”If you listen to the body when it whispers, you won’t have to hear it scream.”

Freedom is possible!

About the episode

”Whether you are working physically or in an office, whether you are young or old, if you want to be able to run really fast or go to the grocery store without pain in the body – it is possible for everyone to feel a greater freedom as they move.”

That’s what Murdo Mackay, co-founder of Walkfeeling, says. In this episode, he talks about freedom, both in life and in the body.