Walkfeeling & Runfeeling Academy info night

Walkfeeling & Runfeeling Academy info night

Walkfeeling & Runfeeling 

We work with movement and the fysiology of the body. All rests on science. We find the real cause of pain, tension, aiks and limitations. 

When people enter The Mackay Center, we treat everyone as Unique. We build from their Strengths and the Positives and then we improve. Instead of just hearing, We listen from a neutrality. We share, we dont tell and we will always keep it Simple.

The focus will always be YOU, YOUR experience and YOUR joy.

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Do you wish for a new carier, expand your existing business or update yourself not just why its important to move but also the importance of HOW you move

Welcome to us for a free info evening at The Mackay Center in Mölndal

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  • Datum: 29 mars 2022
  • Tid: 18:00 - 18:30
  • Plats: The Mackay Centre, Norra Ågatan 40 i Mölndal


Bokningen är stängd för detta evenemang.