Online event – Do you listen to your body?

Online event – Do you listen to your body?

Is there a difference between hearing and listening?

Murdo ”The Walking Scotsman” Mackay believes there is, and believes that listening has so many positive aspects to it, and in the many courses he has ran he has seen many people discover exactly why.

Some say the body talks, if it does, what is it saying?

Irrespective of what the body is saying, it is the listening that matters, and it is said that many people don’t listen to each other, they maybe think they are, but the reality is are they? Are they listening just to reply, rather than understanding what is being said, sometimes not even letting the person finish speaking, their mouth poised to speak even before the other person has finished what they are saying. Sound familiar?

  • Datum: 05 november 2020
  • Tid: 18:00 - 19:00
  • Plats: Online


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