Walkfeeling Movement Training

Walkfeeling - Unique Movement training(TM) with a unique method.

You are unique, as is the way you move.. Therefore this is not a technique that we offer – it’s your technique and you can call it whatever you want! All we ask is that you enjoy it!

During a session we build on your strengths. We share instead of tell, so you can discover your body and the way your body moves. We will always keep it simple in how we share and in what we do. We find the source of pain, ache, tension, stress and limitations.

Be free from pain and have greater success with your health and your fitness levels, today and in the future.

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    Various Dates Available

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  • Duration

    60 Minutes

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    1-2-1, Personal Trainer, Gait Analysis, Motion Analysis, Movement Analysis, Online, Workshop, Movement Exercise

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Did you know that during a lifetime we move 2 and a half laps around the equator? That’s 200 000 km. Walkfeeling is about HOW you take this steps. 

If small simple adjustments can be done, we can effect the body directly and for the longterm. We feel that it is important to see the body as a team and utilize the whole team.

This training is guided by a Walkfeeling movement coach and can be booked as a 1-2-1 session online or in person.

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