Runfeeling Movement Training

The Runfeeling® Movement Training

The Runfeeling® Movement Training is designed to assess runners, athletes, and beginners on their running ability and their potential to improve their performance.

The Runfeeling movement training uses gentle exercises that have been carefully developed to assist all runners at all levels. With the Runfeeling movement training, you will learn how to improve your speed, relax your muscles, decrease pain and recover from injury faster.

Work with a qualified Movement Coach and discover what you thought wasn’t possible.

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    Various Dates Available

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    60 Minutes

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    1-2-1, Personal Trainer, Gait Analysis, Motion Analysis, Movement Analysis, Online, Workshop

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If there was a possibility to use the body as a unit in running, to utilize the body as a team, how could that affect the potential and the experience?

HOW you use your feet hitting the ground and the direction of the feet compared to the direction you move are important.

Compare the front wheels of a car; if they are slightly pointing outwards, but you drive the car forward, what will happen to the wheels and the rest of the car?

What if you found a joyful, simple way to relax your muscles, decrease pain, increase overall recovery and speed of recovery from your injuries?

What is motion analysis?

Thousands of people have done it, what is it they discover? Take 20 minutes of
your time and discover what you thought you had lost. We find the source of pain,limitations, ache and tension.

How does the analysis work?

Everyone can do it and it is based on simplicity. Together with one of our diploma movement coaches you will learn new things about your movement.

What results will I experience?

97% of those who train with us or with a diploma movement coach experience less pain, less stress, more energy and higher quality of life after 15 sessions.

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