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Jimi Jonsson

Jimi Walkfeeling Movement Coach

Jimi Jonsson

Movement Coach for Walkfeeling® and Runfeeling®

Operating in: Gothenburg, Sweden.

About Me

“After training as a Walkfeeling & Runfeeling movement coach, I feel fantastic in my own body and have developed enormously as a person. I have helped and now have the opportunity to help more people to be free in their movements and really be able to feel good in their bodies. ”

As far back as I can remember, people have been able to find me in a tree. Always loved to climb, run, jump, dance and move. I grew up in Gothenburg and had an active life that consisted of a lot of sports, time with friends and a lot of laughter. I’m a happy, kind and accommodating guy who loves meeting new people and having it as a profession is one of the best choices I’ve made.