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Walkfeeling motion analysis –  thousands of people have tried it.

What did they discover? They discovered that everyone leaves with something that can help them in the future.

Anyone can book a motion analysis, regardless of age or strength.  This service is open to all and is free!

You can book a free 20-minute motion analysis with a Walkfeeling or Runfeeling qualified coach, in person or online.

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    20 Minutes

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Walkfeeling Q & A

We work with movement training based on the science of the
physiology of the body. We find the source of pain, ache, tension,
limitations and stress.

With simplicity, taking in the uniqueness of an individual, simple exercises is given out.

Tools for controlling tension, pain, stress, limitaions and aches yourself.

Common reasons why people train with us;

  • To address limitations in the daily life movement
  • To find the source of pain
  • To enjoy exercising again
  • To prevent injuries
  • To improve sports performance
  • To improve recovery
  • To have more energy
  • To help rehabilitation
  • To aid healing from an injury

Our movement training and workshops are aimed at all people of all ages. (Ages 8-99+).

We believe that anyone who wants to can learn to listen to their body and experience the joy of discover more potential in their body. It also does not matter what your level, skillset, or capabilities are.

Our trained movement coaches work with all people from all walks of life.

Learn more about our Movement Coaches.

Once you have experienced our Walkfeeling Movement Training, Movement Analysis and Coaching you may find yourself experiencing several improvements to your quality of life such as:

Potential Benefits

– Reduced tension in the muscles
– Improved movement in certain areas (I.e. the neck)
– Reduced pain in the body
– Increased mobility in the muscles and joints
– Improved ability to relax your body and mind
– Reduced stress at work, at home and in your free time
– Improved sports and exercise performance
– Improved movement with freedom

Potential Gains

– Walk and run with ease
– Move with less pain
– Less limitations in daily life
– Reduce uncomfortableness
– Play more sports with confidence
-Avoid wearing out joints and muscles
– Avoid future joint or muscle injuries
– Increase healing potential after surgery
– Locate the cause of discomfort
– Improve your relationship with your body

Read more about our client’s experiences.

We have movement coaches in Gothenburg, Stockholm and Vilhelmina and we work worldwide with clients online.

Our physical movement park is only located in Gothenburg. In other cities, we use sports facilities or be seen outdoors. You can find our locations on our map.

Book an appointment:

When to Arrive
If you can, please aim to arrive 10 minutes before the session time begins.

What to Bring
Wear your regular shoes that you walk in or use in your daily life. Wear what makes you feel comfortable, causal gym wear is fine. Come as you are and there is an opportunity of changing your clothes on site if you want to.

Payment for exercise training is paid on-site with a card.

If you, unfortunately, can no longer make your session, you must cancel your session no later than 24 hours before the session starting time.

After you have completed a Walkfeeling program you can explore Runfeeling! This is our dedicated business to running more effectively and improving runners’ performance.

Runfeeling is designed for dedicated runners who dream of being able to run again, but also for those who have a dream or desire to start to run. This is suitable for existing runners, athletes and sportsmen who want to optimize their movement patterns, find the source to pain, limitations, ache or prevent future injury.

Why do we have pain?

In society many people talk about stress, stress, stress… not so many talk about tension. What springs to your mind, when you think of tension? Is tension good or bad? What happens to the circulation when we have tension in the body and why is circulation important?

Movement is a critical part of our daily life, to be limited or have pain or discomfort can effect us in many ways.

Walkfeeling clients discover following benefits;

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