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Walkfeeling: Our Story

Walkfeeling was founded with a key goal – to create freedom in movement and relieve pain. Learn more about our journey below.

When was Walkfeeling founded?

Walkfeeling was founded in 2016 to provide an alternative therapy for those who suffer from pain or injury during Walking or Running. More recently, Runfeeling was developed and uses the Walkfeeling principles to support runners and athletes.

Who created Walkfeeling?

Walkfeeling was founded in 2016 by Murdo Mackay, an ex Navy-militant and Tommy Olausson, an professional osteopath, massage therapist and ex-football coach. The principles behind the Walkfeeling ethos incorporate ten years of influences from sports, physiotherapy, mental health, and the military.

Why did you start Walkfeeling?

Through our interactions, we discovered that people of all ages and backgrounds (including; kids, teens, and adults) experience pain. Pain is universal, and unfortuantly, it seems to be getting worse. We created Walkfeeling to support people who suffer from pain, aches, tension, and other movement limitations. Walkfeeling offers a unique type of walking therapy and is a safe and accessible alternative to mainstream health services. Our Movement Coaches will find the source of your pain, apply simple Walkfeeling Motion Analysis and Movement Training to improve your freedom of movement.

What is the main difference between Walkfeeling and Runfeeling?

Walkfeeling and Runfeeling are similar in their aproaches but offer different services - They both cater to clients with the same desired outcomes - a desire to exercise, run, walk, or move, in a way that is painless.


Walkfeeling movement coaching services support a range of individuals who want to find freedom in movement.


Runfeeling provides a similar service but focuses on the running aspect of exercise and training. Did you know that active people walk between 10,000 and 15,000 steps a day, that is almost 200,000 km in a lifetime? We believe that you deserve be able to walk and run faster, freely, and without pain.

Who came up with the idea of Walkfeeling?

The founder of Walkfeeling, Murdo Mackay, came up with the concept due to his combined experiences from the military, football and his relationship with his body, injury, and pain. He believes that everyone should treat their own body with respect.

"If you listen to your body when it whispers - you won’t have to hear it scream." 

Walkfeeling gives you an opportunity to learn how to treat your body and how to find solutions to erradicate pain for good.

What are Walkfeeling employees backgrounds?

At Walkfeeling, our Movement Coaches have a vast array of backgrounds and experiences, including; physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, and others with medical, sport,  education, and health backgrounds. To become a Walkfeeling coach or a Runfeeling coach, you do not have to have a specific education or experience. Walkfeeling is happy to employ people from various backgrounds and experiences. But most of all, you must be willing to help and support people in their physical journey. You can apply to the Walkfeeling Training Academy here.

How many people work for Walkfeeling?

There are 20 people employed at Walkfeeling, but we are constantly looking for new movement coaches. Apply to the Walkfeeling training academy here.

Where is Walkfeeling located?

Walkfeeling is known as the 'The Mackay Center' and is located in Molndal outside of Gothenburg, Sweden. The 1,000 sq space hosts a range of activities and events and is where a lot of the Walkfeeling training, workshops and group sessions takes place. There are plans to open more centres in Europe and worldwide. Please click here for directions to the Walkfeeling Movement Centre.

Where can I learn more about movement coaching?

Walkfeeling and Runfeeling is designed to suit everyone and is a service available for people of all ages and all genders. Our clients can come from different businesses, organisations and backgrounds. Our coaches can work with individuals who work in health, training, and sports beginners to the highest professional athlete level. As the company offers online coaching, we have clients from all over the world! To apply to become a Walkfeeling Movement Coach, you first need to sign up to the Walkfeeling Training Academy.

What are the Walkfeeling values?

Our values are simple. We see each client as unique.


We take the time to understand and appreciate that everyone has strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement.


We listen with active ears.

We share instead of tell.

We act with simplicity.

We focus on our the clients experience and enjoyment.


We do not call it a Walkfeeling technique.
We call it your technique because the solution belongs to you.

Tell me something unique about Walkfeeling..

We love celebrating and sharing our clients life-changing stories. One of our elderly clients suffered from poor balance and could not stand without holding on to something for support. Then, after months of Walkfeeling training he gave us some lovely feedback on his progress: “Look at me, now! I can stand without support and turn my head and look at my lovely wife - this means the world to me, thank you Walkfeeling” For more amazing stories visit our client testimonal page.

What is a Free movement assessment?

Anyone can enjoy a FREE motion analysis with Walkfeeling.

We believe in giving back to society. Everyone deserves a chance to improve their movement and reduce pain. Walkfeeling can help you discover something new about your body and can provide you with life-changing tools. What have you got to lose? Try a free assessment and book in-person or online today.

The best way to find out more about us is to: 

  • Visit our Movement Centre in Molndal, Gothenburg, Sweden.
  • Book a Walkfeeling movement training session online or in-person.
  • Speak to us directly by phone on: 031-789-49-90.
  • Or send an email with your enquiry.

We look forward to hearing from you!